Alicat Workboats Ltd., builders of Aluminium Workboats and Wind Farm Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV’s), has delivered the third of class Alicat 21m, ‘Iceni Conquest’ to Iceni Marine Services Ltd., also of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

Picture – 21m Iceni Conquest returning to SSE base in Lowestoft following work at Greater Gabbard wind farm.

The 21m Alicat design has been proven in service with two other sister craft working on UK offshore wind projects. The vessel features Twin MAN V12 main engines coupled to Rolls Royce water jet propulsion for speeds to 30 knots. The vessel has a resiliently mounted superstructure ensuring low noise and vibration levels for the technicians whilst passaging to and from site, and forward and after cargo decks capable of carrying 7 tonnes of equipment. Designed by Global Marine Design Pty (GMD) of Australia, the Alicat Workboats range has been proven on both construction and O&M projects and are known for their spacious saloons, wheelhouses, their seakeeping and reliability.

‘Iceni Conquest’ has been tailored to meet Iceni Marine Services’ requirements and has a livery to maintain corporate identity and resemblance to their existing fleet, built by sister boat builders, South Boats IOW Ltd. The vessel has secured a charter on the Greater Gabbard offshore wind farm project with SSE Renewables ensuring the vessel leaves the yard and heads directly to work. The Iceni Conquest is the second craft delivered to Iceni from the Alicat facility in a month with a third delivered by South Boats IOW in February.

The Alicat range is built in the UK, ensuring high levels of quality but the specification ensures competitive pricing. With a range from 12m to 27m, with or without class certification, with choice of propulsion types the Alicat range offers options for all operators for many different applications.

Richard Thurlow of Iceni Marine Services Ltd: “We have a long standing relationship with the Alicat Workboats and South Boats IOW group and with our latest two 23m vessels heading straight to O&M contracts we had a requirement for a smaller vessel to fulfil the requirements of offshore wind farm construction. The Alicat 21m fits the bill perfectly for us, it offers high quality workmanship, a hallmark of Iceni vessels, but remains cost effective to purchase and operate. With the delivery of two 23m vessels already, this has been a busy start to the year for us.”

Ben Colman of Alicat Workboats Ltd: “We are very proud to have handed ‘Iceni Conquest’ over to Iceni Marine Services Ltd. and wish the vessel well on her current and future projects. It is fantastic for the company to have sold, built and delivered to Iceni their first vessel from the Alicat portfolio.”

Alicat Workboats are currently constructing a 23m GMD designed Alicat vessel for Dalby Offshore Services Ltd., and a 26m DNV Class South Boats IOW designed CTV. This vessel is being built for stock and is available for sale now, with delivery of the craft due Q1 2016, subject to final specification.

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