Alicat Workboats Ltd., one of the UK’s foremost manufacturer of state of the art Wind Farm Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV’s), has delivered the second of class South Cat 23m, ‘Iceni Vengeance’ to Iceni Marine Services Ltd.  The vessel marks a milestone as it is the first South Boats IOW contract to be sub-contracted to sister company, Alicat Workboats Ltd. and built in Great Yarmouth; to achieve the delivery schedule proposed by Iceni Marine Services.  Of the two vessel contract, the first of class ‘Iceni Venture’ was built in Cowes and is successfully in service on an O&M contract with SSE.

news_925_55545216927caSecond of Class 23m CTV Iceni Vengeance (Picture – Supplied by Iceni Marine Services)

Following the Offshore Wind Industry’s largest and most comprehensive assessment of CTV hull forms including SWATH, semi-SWATH, fine entry catamaran, full buoyancy catamaran and ‘D’ bow designs; tested both theoretically and with self-propelled models, a thorough evaluation was carried out between South Boats IOW and specialist consultants to understand why each form behaved as it did, their respective strengths and weaknesses and to formulate some criteria for development of new South Boats IOW hull forms. The first of which, are the all new 26m and 23m.

‘Iceni Vengeance’ is the first water-jet propelled version of the 23m design, fitted with Hamilton HM651 water jet units to deliver very impressive thrust to maintain higher levels of speed during passage and also higher transfer capabilities to wind farm boat landings.

On trials the 23.1m catamaran has exceeded all expectations and is genuinely considered to be a game changer in its class. Powered by twin MAN V12-1400 main engines the vessel achieved a sprint speed of 30 knots and a continuous operational speed in excess of 26 knots at 85% engine load.

The vessel has now passaged to Mostyn, North Wales and has started its O&M contract on Gwynt Y Mor offshore wind farm.  Initial trials have been carried out on site both on passage and against a boat landing during site weather days (back to back with the ‘Iceni Victory’, South Cat 24m, already considered to the site’s most capable CTV) and despite being a smaller vessel has proved itself as being equally as capable, carrying out successful trials at over 2mHs.

Richard Thurlow of Iceni Marine Services Ltd:  “We have always been excited about the new South Boats 23m, which has been designed using extensive modelling and a great deal of operational feedback from Iceni.  The vessel has exceeded our most optimistic of expectations and for its size and commercially its cost it is punching well above its weight and in my opinion sets a new standard for this size of CTV and I don’t say that lightly.  We are very pleased to continue our longstanding relationship with South Boats IOW and to have the opportunity to have a vessel built at Alicat in Great Yarmouth, our home town.”

Ben Colman of South Boats IOW Ltd: “Since the model testing, we have been very excited about this new design; we knew that if it could achieve the predicted sea-keeping limitations we knew we would be setting a new benchmark.  Modelling data shows the 23m to have 5 times better seakeeping (measured by slams per hour in equal conditions) than 26m designs of our competitors, a proper game changer.  The ‘Iceni Vengeance’ does not disappoint and has proven itself to be every bit as capable as its initial calculations and model testing predictions.  Thanks to the comprehensive hull form development testing and understanding, we have produced a vessel that is more capable than significantly larger vessels but without the CAPEX of these larger craft.  Designed to operate in the UK and European sea conditions, we expect the ‘Iceni Vengeance’, and her three sister vessels (in service and currently in build), to increase safe working limits on their respective projects.”

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