The GLEAMS project had a successful time at the Seawork International 2014 exhibition held between the 10 -12 June in ABP’s Southampton Docks with many attendees viewing its work.

During the 3 days of the show visitors were able to see the world’s first glycerine fuelled marine engine operating aboard an Alicat workboat owned by Dalby Offshore. The project’s test engine, a Cummins C44-D5 generating set was displayed as a ‘stand-alone’ system with emissions monitoring equipment providing real-time analysis of exhaust gas. By operating on a ‘dual-fuel’ system visitors were able to see the significant reduction in emission levels when the engine was switched from diesel to glycerine operation.

Additionally, the project’s second ‘Can my vessel run on this’ workshop was held in the Seawork Conference facility. The keynote presentation ‘Shipping Visions on the Horizon’ was given by Dr Paul Gilbert (University of Manchester) who spoke of the challenges faced by the maritime sector in meeting the forthcoming emissions legislation and possible ways to mitigate its impact.

Professor Pat Harvey (University of Greenwich) described the ‘Glycerol Supply Chains’ and the work being done to establish them. This included the production of glycerol from microalgae.

John McNeil (Aquafuel Research) spoke on ‘Glycerine –Fuel?’ and presented the results of the formal emission tests which have been conducted by Redwing Environmental on the project’s Cummins marine engine.

Due to operational reasons Mark Bobby (Gardline) was unable to present his thoughts on the use of glycerine from the vessel operator’s point of view. However, David Blake (Business Development, Alicat Workboats) stepped in at short notice to cover this aspect and spoke about the considerable interest the GLEAMS engine had attracted from designers, engineers and operators who had visited the Alicat Workboat.

The presentations file from the ‘Can my ship run on this?’ can be downloaded from the link on this email and photos of the engine can be viewed on the ‘Interest Group’ web site on the following link
www. http?://groupspaces?.?com/GLEAMSInterestGroup/photos/album/52511

The GLEAMS Project would like to thank Alicat Workboats and Dalby Offshore for their support and assistance.

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