We cover lifting, Pressure, PUWER & electrical inspections. We aim to provide an easy service with minimal disruption to your business with easy to read reporting.


We are an Inspection / Consultancy business with years of experience in all industrial sectors Including Marine, Renewables, Oil & Gas. Manufacturing, Agriculture, Automotive and Health care.

We cover lifting, Pressure, PUWER & electrical inspections.
We aim to provide an easy service with minimal disruption to your business with easy to read reporting.
Statutory Inspections carried out in accordance with:-
LOLER 1998 - PSSR 2000 - PUWER 1998 - WAHR 2005

Lifting Inspection
We can inspect and certify from shackles and strops to cranes and lifts / Elevators and most lifting equipment in between. Our engineers are qualified engineers and been SAFed trained. A thorough inspection is carried out by a competent person. The examination aims to identify any defects that might be or become a risk to the user’s, or the public’s,

Lifting equipment must be thoroughly examined:
- Before use for the First time
- After assembly and before each use at each location
- Regularly while in service or in accordance with an examination scheme following exceptional circumstance

Load Testing
Testing of lifting equipment should be undertaken at the discretion of the competent person when required to support his examination(s). A thorough examination may identify a shortfall in the integrity of the lifting equipment, testing may have to be undertaken.

Any tests which may be considered, are not restricted to any or specific category;
- Functional and operational tests to verify the satisfactory working range
- Load testing to confirm the build quality and structural load bearing capability
- Structural integrity testing of safety critical components and major load path items
- Electrical integrity testing

Pressure Inspections
Air Receiver / Simple Pressure Vessels Air receivers above 0.5 bar pressure / 250 bar litres are regulated under the Pressure System Safety Regulations 2000. On a first inspection a written Scheme of Examination will be produced if one has not already been issued for the vessel of system.

We can offer Engineering technical solutions to your engineering challenges. Our technical knowledge can provide guidance on everything from lifting equipment, general engineering, electrical solutions relevant to your industry.

We can also offer other engineering solutions, for example:
- Manufacture of lifting frame and beams
- Modifications to lifting equipment

Guide to Inspection Frequency

DescriptionFrequencyAdditional Information
Accessory's for Lifting6Shackles , Strops etc
Lifting Accessories12Chain Blocks, Runway Beams etc
Personnel Lifts 6
Goods Lifts 12Lifts that carry goods only, no personal
Cranes6/12 6 monthly if used for lowering / lifting people
Forklifts / Telehandlers6/126 monthly if used for lowering / lifting people
Air receivers26/12Normally inspected at 24monthly intervals under a written Scheme of Examination.
Every six months for lifting equipment used for lifting/lowering persons or as determined by the risk assessment under a written Scheme of examination

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