9th July 2015, Cowes – Alicat Workboats Ltd. and South Boats IOW Ltd., both part of the Gardline Shipping Group, and Tampa Yacht Manufacturing have today announced that both companies have signed an agreement that will allow the build of Tampa Yacht craft in the United Kingdom and Alicat vessels in the United States of America.

Picture – Alicat Workboats and South Boats IOW will build Tampa Yachts military range from their respective manufacturing facilities in the UK

Both South Boats IOW and Alicat Workboats are well known for their aluminum and GRP catamarans that are used extensively throughout the offshore workboat sector. The companies have vessel construction and maintenance facilities in both Cowes, Isle of Wight (South Coast UK) and Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (East Coast UK).

Tampa Yacht Manufacturing with subsidiaries Tampa Defense USA and Tampa Defence UK are designers and builders of composite Fast Interceptors, Patrol Craft, Force Protection Craft and Rigid Inflatables for the Military, Para Military and Special Forces market.

The companies will be helping each other in different markets worldwide and sharing technical and manufacturing knowledge. By building in its respective yards the companies can build for markets and customers that are difficult to access from their respective territories. In the agreement Tampa Yacht designs will be built in the UK for clients and operators across the UK and the EU. Tampa Yacht Manufacturing will build Alicat Workboats catamarans in the USA for the North and South American territories.

The companies see this agreement as a significant advancement in the growth of their businesses and the development of customer support and services.

Of the agreement and what this means to Alicat Workboats Ltd. and South Boats IOW Ltd.:

Ben Colman of Alicat Workboats Ltd. and South Boats IOW Ltd: “We have been fortunate over recent years to have established a strong reputation and portfolio of products into many different commercial marine sectors but have been looking for an effective and efficient route into the military, para military and special forces sector where mission requirements dictate vessel design and construction parameters. Following extensive discussions with Tampa Yacht Manufacturing we believe this agreement enabling us to build their Defence vessels gives us the right path into the sector. With two fully resourced facilities in the UK and the strong commercial backing of Gardline we believe we are in a strong position to offer and build to multiple government departments within multiple territories with a large portfolio of proven products and establish long standing relationships with potential clients and operators.

From the respective Company Directors:

Bob Stevens of Tampa Yacht Manufacturing LLC : “We have been focused on the Defense sector for many years and have successfully supplied vessels to multiple government agencies across the world. We have seen an increasing demand for large, capable and mission specific catamarans and the Alicat Workboats design suits these requirements. We are delighted to now be in a position to expand our portfolio.”

Steve Thacker of Alicat Workboats Ltd. and South Boats IOW Ltd.: “We are well positioned in the UK to support Tampa’s activities throughout the UK, and the EU. This is fantastic news for our business as we continue to grow and maintain a strong foundation for our yards and a sustainable and efficient business model for the future of the business.”


For further information, please contact:

Ben Colman – Sales Manager
Alicat Workboats Ltd. & South Boats IOW Ltd.

+44 (0) 7890 378564

www.alicatworkboats.com www.southboatsiow.com

Simon Thomson – International Business Development Director
Tampa Yacht Manufacturing LLC

+44 (0) 7803 456524


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